Kawantech integrates experiments for connected mobility

On April 16, 2021, the Occitanie region validated the funding of the PRRI * Autocampus. Kawantech is a member of the consortium of academic and industrial partners that has formed around this project, which aims to set up an experimental ground for intelligent mobility and electric, connected and autonomous vehicles.


AutOCampus differs from its equivalents because it takes place on the site of Paul Sabatier University, which welcomes around 36,000 people every day and thus allows experiments in an environment very similar to that of a small town. A real smart-city laboratory.

This project is a significant step in the integration of Kawantech into an ecosystem that aims to address the connected mobility market. Ultimately, the AutOCampus platform will support other projects for the development of Kawantech applications, services and products, such as the Paracoll project which has received the Aerospace Valley label and whose examination is underway by the BPI * * (AAP 5G INDUS CRITICAL).

It is in the nature of Kara technology, with its bird’s-eye view and on-board computing capabilities, that allows Kawantech to position itself on the themes of mapping and protection of vulnerable mobile users, like the Paracoll project. The detailed knowledge of the current state of a road and its traffic as well as the learning of mobility habits are information that allows to consider services that address safety, flow management or even town planning.

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PRRI *: Regional Research and Innovation Platform
BPI **: Public Investment Bank: