Who are we ?

Technology to improve people daily life.

In 1996 the MIT was also the origin of the concept of "thinking devices"
Kawantech focused its skills to bring intelligence close to people in order to help them in their day to day journey in the city. The first step is the Kara sensor, which bring intelligence in Streetlights in order to convert them to "Guardian angels" which bring you safety and confort by lithging you, and soon improving your safety and efficiency during your displacements
Kawantech is a company dedicated to create new kinds of applications relying on the convergence of SmartPhone technology, IoT and embedded sensors.
Initially created by entrepreurs involved in the mobile business ( design and production of M2M products for Siemens ITNI, Aeroport de Paris, Coyote Systems, etc ), Kawantech born to developp intelligent devices able to sense and take decisions.

Kawantech is located in Toulouse, France, at the heart of the european Aerospace industry. The city, head of Airbus, has a long history in technological challenges : Ariane rockets, martian probes and Concorde. As a logical shell to develop hardware relying on reliable electronic, telemetry, and skilled engineering, Kawantech established it R&D in the city and contracted localy its manufacturing.

Area of expertise

Smart Lighting

Analyze motion in streets in order to light it only when necessary, not when empty.

Smart Parking

Identify motions of cars in street and provide a real time map of available locations.

Smart Infrastructure

With its customers and partners, improve public infrastructures to take into account a close revolution to public displacement.

Smart City

Increase the level of service the city brings to its citizens : safety, confort, efficiency, less taxes.