Smart public lighting

Kara is a brain inside the streetlight
aimed to regulate energy.


Up to 80% on energy bill

Lighting only pedestrians and keeping ~15W
for cars currently provides a 66% cut.


Bring highly efficient
light to people

Within 3s, 120ft away, Kara
differentiates people from
moving leafs, bycicle, etc.

Remote Monitoring

Provided health
control and
remote configuration

By using three different Wireless/IoT technologies,
Kawantech enables a durable city
monitoring capacity

Stop lighting up during the night when there is no one in our streets

With Kara, our streets become smart.

In the public streets at night, pedestrians, cyclists or cars don't need the same lihgtning.

Kara is a smart and connected movement sensor
to manage the power of public lighting to adapt it in real time to user needs.

With Kara, lamps only light up when it's needed !


lamps in the world


of city budget for public lighting


energy savings


saving on street lighting budget

How Kara works?

Kara sensors may operate in a wireless network of fully standalone.
Installed in every lantern in a zone, they analyse moving objects in the street
and communicate amongst themselves to optimize public lighting.

Kara calculators, that manage the power of leds, can discriminate a car from
a pedestrian or simply a branch movement. The motion detection relies on size and speed estimation